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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

GR. 8/9 Homework due for Wednesday, December 6th

1) Vocabulary sheets for Ch. 8-10 of the novel are due on Wednesday.
2) Chapter 7 -9 Questions are also due.
3) Read to the end of Ch. 10
***Some students still need to submit their newspaper articles from a couple of weeks ago.

GR. 11/12 Homework due for Wednesday, December 6

1) Chapter 12 Questions for the novel are due on Wednesday; read to the end of Ch. 13 as well.
2) Please review the handouts provided in class today to prepare for your Personal Essay Exam (30-1/20-1) and Visual Reflection Test (30-2) on Thursday.
Students may also review sample exemplars on the Alberta Learning website.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

GR. 8/9 Work due for Monday

That Was Then, This Is Now-
1) Ch. 6 Questions
2) Ch. 7 & 8 Vocabulary
3) Ch. 7 & 8 Reading

**Chapter 6 & 7 Quizzes will occur on Tuesday.

Language Power Workbook- pages 20 & 40 are to be completed (on combining sentences and identifying auxiliary verbs)

Students have Thursday's class to complete this work (after they finish the second part of a reading comprehension exam).

Have a good weekend!

GR. 11/12 Work due on Monday, Dec. 4th

My Name Is Asher Lev:  Complete the Ch. 11 Questions and read Ch. 12.

Monday, 27 November 2017

GR. 8/9 Work for Nov. 27-29

Monday- Students review for their Ch. 1 & 2 Quizzes (That Was Then, This Is Now) (10 minutes)
- Correct Ch. 3 vocabulary for the novel
-Complete Questions for Ch. 3
-Complete Vocabulary Exercise for Ch. 4
-Read Ch. 4

Tuesday-Correct Ch. 4 Vocabulary and Ch. 3 Questions
-Work on Ch. 4 Questions and correct in the last 15 mins. of class
- Complete Ch. 5 Vocab. and Ch. 5 Reading for tomorrow (Wednesday)
- Ch. 4 & 5 Quizzes tomorrow

Wednesday- Ch. 4 & 5 Quizzes
-Correct Ch. 5 Vocab.
-Complete Ch. 5 Vocabulary and Ch. 6 Vocabulary for tomorrow (Thursday)
-Read Ch. 6 for tomorrow

GR. 11/12 NOV. 27-29 WORK

TUESDAY-  Chapters 1-6 Quiz for My Name Is Asher Lev
-Correct Ch. 8 Study Booklet Questions (both booklets)
-Complete Ch. 9 Questions for Wednesday, Nov. 29
-Read Ch. 10

Saturday, 4 November 2017


1) Submit all missing assignments from the term asap as all teachers need to submit progress report grades to administration by Nov. 21st.
2) Monday, Nov. 6- A Doll's House Act 3 Questions are due for discussion
3) Tuesday, Nov. 7- A Doll's House Part 1 Exam- multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer
4) Wednesday, Nov. 8- A Doll's House Part 2 Exam- critical/analytical essay (30-1/20-1); literary exploration essay (30-2)
5) Thursday, Nov. 9- A Doll's House Creative Projects are presented to the class
6) Tuesday, Nov. 14 (15th if needed for additional time)- Reading Comprehension Exam- Students are encouraged to review their unit notes and complete practice questions on exambank to prepare.
*The next unit will be a novel study.  Students will analyze the novel, My Name Is Asher Lev.