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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

GR. 8/9 Due Monday, October 23

1) Submit CD covers from "The Interlopers" Assignment.  Click on the link below for a copy of the assignment:
2) Return any overdue library books.
3) Return a signed copy of your progress report (you may keep a copy- 2 copies were sent home)
4) If you were unable to see me on Goal Setting Night, please leave your name and number with the Office staff and I will set up an appointment with you when I return on Monday.
5) Parents and students are reminded that late assignments may still be completed for marks.


1) Submit missing "Book Ends" assignments from last week
2) Submit (and be prepared to present) Photo Essays (4-10 pictures)
3) Complete the booklet with exercises on colloquialisms, semi-colons, quotation marks etc.
4) Complete the magazine assignment, "Hockey Night In Port Hawkesbury."  (Click the link below for a copy of the assignment)

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

GR 8/9 & 11/12 EXAM DATES

Grade 8/9- Suspense and Adventure Unit Exam on Thursday, Oct. 12 - Students will review for the examination in Wednesday's class.  The exam will be based on all material covered since the start of the year.  (Terminology, Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Language Power concepts)

Grade 11/12- Students will complete a critical/analytical essay examination of 400- 700 words on Wednesday, Oct. 11.  They may use any of the short stories studied this term for the basis of their analyses.

Monday, 2 October 2017

GR 8/9 AND 11/12 DUE DATES Monday, Oct. 2

GR 8/9:
1) Students are reminded to submit their "Animal Transformation" paragraphs.
2) Some students still need to present their technology slideshows.
3) "The Open Window" Questions #1-9 are due today (Monday, Oct. 2).  See below for assignment copy:
4) "The Open Window" Creative Response is due on Tuesday, Oct. 3.
5) Students are working on Language Power pgs. 78, 80, 92-94, 100 (continued from Thursday)
GR. 11/12:
1) Some students have not submitted their "Horses of the Night" Critical/Analytical Essays.
2) Poems are also overdue.
3) Journal Responses (#1) (3/4- 1 page) for "A Devoted Son" are due today.
4) Read "The Guest" (Inside Stories) for tomorrow.