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Monday, 13 June 2016

Dates to Note + Important Information

Tuesday, June 14- Last day to submit BNW Journal Entries
                            -Act IV King Lear Questions due
                            -Act IV KL Quiz
Wednesday, June 15- Last day to submit BNW Poetry Assignment
                            -Act V King Lear Questions due
                            -Act V KL Quiz
                            -Play Review for Thursday Exam
Thursday, June 16- King Lear Exam (primarily M/C)
                            -Terminology Review for the Final Examination (taken from Unit Notes)
Friday, June 17- Literature Review for the Part A: Written Final Examination

Students are given their course mark standing on Friday, June 17th.

Monday, June 20- Part A: Written Final Examination (Critical/Analytical Response to Literature)
                          - 500 Words+ Essay- MUST refer to at least 1 piece of literature studied this year                                    when formulating the essay response (same structure/format as the written                                            component of the unit examinations)
Thursday, June 23- Part B: Multiple Choice Reading Comprehension Examination

Please return all text books to the Library after the Part A Final Examination; Part B only requires that students review their unit notes (These notes are also available on this website for downloading)

Friday, 27 May 2016

BNW Poetry assignment attached

Final Examination Information

Part 1 will include an in-class essay response that is 50% of the final examination; it will occur on the second last day of classes.  Please do not schedule any appointments on that date.  Regular final exam rules will apply.  Students may use a computer, dictionary and thesaurus on this exam.  The essay question will address one of the topics provided on the "Diploma Themes" sheet (which was distributed at the start of the course).  Students will be required to address the question posed as it is applied to a piece of literature that was previously studied in class.

Part 2 will be a multiple choice reading comprehension examination.  Students may review terminology from their provided unit notes which were given the first week of class.

Thursday, June 2 BNW Essay Exam etc

Part 2 of the Novel Unit Exam which will include a critical/analytical essay response.
Additionally, the poetry assignment and the journal entries for the novel are due.

Wednesday, June 1 BNW M/C Exam

Part 1 of the Novel Unit Exam: m/c, matching, and a few short answer questions.

Monday, May 30 Homework Due

Chapter 18 and the Foreword Questions are due for Brave New World.